Solar PV Power Plant

Approximate Price, Size, Shadow Free Area Required and Time to implement a Solar PV Plant.
  • Residential
  • Rooftop Power Plant
  • Rs. 65~75/Watt
  • Solar Panel, Inverter, Structure, BOS, Design & Installation. Grid connected with no battery backup. (*restrictions apply)
  • 2.5 KW ~ 10 KW size
  • > 250~1000 Sq. Ft Roof
  • 2~4 Weeks Time
  • Call Us
  • Commercial
  • Rooftop or Ground
  • Rs. 55~65/Watt
  • Solar Panel, Inverter, Structure, BOS, Design & Installation. Grid connected with no battery backup. (* certain restrictions apply)
  • 10 KW ~ 250 KW Size
  • > 1000 ~ 25000 Sq. Ft. Shadow free Area
  • 1~3 Months Time
  • Let's Meet
  • Utility
  • Ground Mounted
  • Rs. 50~55/Watt
  • Solar Panel, Inverter, Structure, BOS, Design & Installation. Grid connected with no battery backup (* certain restrictions apply)
  • 250 KW ~ 5 MW Size
  • 1 Acre ~ 25 Acre Land
  • 3 ~ 18 Months Time
  • Let's Discuss
Powering the Energy Revolution

Frequent Power Outages ??? No Lights in the evening ??? Camping in the Dark ??? Whatever may be your reason, You now have ENERZYTECH SOLAR LANTERN. This Solar Lantern works great for hours with its bright light. Just one full charge by Sun for 8 Hours will give you light for up to 500 Hrs. (night lamp mode). This type of solar Rechargeable LED lanterns are grand success in Middle East & Africa. Featuring both a solar panel and Sealed Lead Acid SLA batteries, this lantern has dual power options. If you want to quickly charge with AC 220 V, you can charge using our AC Charger. This Solar Lantern is a smart buy for shop keepers, vendors at night, early morning joggers, campers, emergency light for car or for that matter anybody and everybody.

Product Specifications

Net Weight 1.5 Kg.
Battery Type Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Battery Capacity 6 Volt 4.5 Ah
Life of Battery 3-5 Year
Full Charging Time 8-10 Sun Hours
Life of LED 50,000 Hours
LED Output 112-130 Lumens
Solar Cells Poly Crystalline Cells
Solar Panel Capacity 1.7 X 2 = 3.4 Watt
Body Material ABS Plastic

Operating & Charging Instructions

  • The battery must be fully charged before first time use. Make sure the green indicator light stops flashing to indicate a full charge.
  • The battery capacity is shown by the indicator, when the battery level is low, the indicator will flash in red.  
  • When the battery level is above 5.6 V, the indicator will flash in green.
  • When the indicator is flash red, please recharge the lantern immediately.
  • Make sure you turn off the lantern before charging the battery.
  • Plug the solar panel cable into the lantern and expose the solar panel to sunlight
  • Alternately, Plug the AC adapter cable into the lantern and connect the AC adapter to the grid
  • Look for full charge indicator. Disconnect the source once battery is fully charged
  • Immediately charge the battery after complete discharge.
  • Never leave the battery in a fully discharged state
  • Recharge the battery even if fully charged at least once every 3 months

For Best Performance

  • Place the solar panel at the strongest sunshine area to absorb maximum sunlight.
  • Clean the solar panel regularly with a damp cloth, so that dust or dirt does not block the sun’s rays.
  • Store the solar panel indoors when not in use, to protect against theft or damage due to bad weather.
  • Keep the lantern shaded from the sun during charging in order to increase charge rate.
  • Please keep the surface always clean and avoid scratches


  • Enerzytech Solar Lantern
  • Solar Panel with Connecting Cable
  • Grid Charger (AC Power adapter)
  • USB Phone charger
  • Operating Instruction
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