Solar PV Power Plant

Approximate Price, Size, Shadow Free Area Required and Time to implement a Solar PV Plant.
  • Residential
  • Rooftop Power Plant
  • Rs. 65~75/Watt
  • Solar Panel, Inverter, Structure, BOS, Design & Installation. Grid connected with no battery backup. (*restrictions apply)
  • 2.5 KW ~ 10 KW size
  • > 250~1000 Sq. Ft Roof
  • 2~4 Weeks Time
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  • Commercial
  • Rooftop or Ground
  • Rs. 55~65/Watt
  • Solar Panel, Inverter, Structure, BOS, Design & Installation. Grid connected with no battery backup. (* certain restrictions apply)
  • 10 KW ~ 250 KW Size
  • > 1000 ~ 25000 Sq. Ft. Shadow free Area
  • 1~3 Months Time
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  • Utility
  • Ground Mounted
  • Rs. 50~55/Watt
  • Solar Panel, Inverter, Structure, BOS, Design & Installation. Grid connected with no battery backup (* certain restrictions apply)
  • 250 KW ~ 5 MW Size
  • 1 Acre ~ 25 Acre Land
  • 3 ~ 18 Months Time
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Powering the Energy Revolution

EnerzyTech provides following services to this sector : Engineer, Construct, Commission Gas stations, Oil loading-unloading Transport pipelines and Allied infrastructure.

Feasibility Study :
Feasibility study for oil and gas pipelines. This involves preliminary survey of route and it’s availability for pipeline laying, considerations for legal compliance concerning land acquisition, Preliminary engineering and data collections.

Engineering and Consultancy

  • Design pipelines, prepare design basis, conduct hydraulic studies,  HAZOP studies, Surge calculations based on operating conditions.
  • Generate Engineering deliverable namely Project Report, Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), HAZOP study report and other tell tales required for obtaining legal clearances from central as well as state government bodies.
  • Perform detail Engineering of Oil and Gas Pipeline and generate Mechanical and Civil Specification of cross country Pipelines
  • Key alignment drawings, process flow diagrams, Pipeline schematics
  • Data sheets concerning Marine Loading arms, valves, filters, pumps, gas compressors, heaters, reducing stations etc.
  • Pipeline Crossing Matrix, Support Schedule, Coating requirements
  • Electrical essentials namely earthing, cathodic protections, lightening
  • Construction methodology concerning all engineering & legal aspects
  • Operation, Pre-commissioning and commissioning philosophy.

Procurement Assistance

  • Preparation of purchase requisitions based on technical specifications & data sheets of pipeline, fittings, accessories and concerned equipment
  • Evaluation of technical and commercial bid
  • Techno-commercial aspect of Piping material selection and sizing
  • Review & approval of piping specifications and equipment datasheets.
  • Obtaining and evaluation of competitive quotations
  • Placement of orders, delivery of equipment & Piping Materials
  • Techno-commercial and legal affairs of procurement

EPC Turnkey Projects

  • We undertake entire pipeline EPC projects right from feasibility phase through engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning & full fledged satisfactory functioning of pipeline meeting intended requirements.
  • We carry out Turnkey EPC assignments concerning
  • Liquid Fuel Forwarding, Unloading systems and Liquid fuel storage facilities e.g. tanks.
  • Gas treatment & distribution systems involving gas receiving, gas compressor, pressure reducing stations, knock-out drums, scrubbers.


We undertake small scale EPC turnkey projects related to Gas Treatment systems, steam network and piping, Fans, Blowers, compressors, Vertical and horizontal multistage pumps, cooling towers, Water treatment plants like DM plants and RO plants, Gas Turbine Inlet air chilling-Evaporation cooling, System Modifications on existing power plants.

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EnerzyTech® Industries Pvt. Ltd. is an emerging player in India's conventional and non-conventional energy sector and caters to utility, residential, commercial and Government clients. Our emphasis is on renewable energy, solar in particular.

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