Solar PV Power Plant

Approximate Price, Size, Shadow Free Area Required and Time to implement a Solar PV Plant.
  • Residential
  • Rooftop Power Plant
  • Rs. 65~75/Watt
  • Solar Panel, Inverter, Structure, BOS, Design & Installation. Grid connected with no battery backup. (*restrictions apply)
  • 2.5 KW ~ 10 KW size
  • > 250~1000 Sq. Ft Roof
  • 2~4 Weeks Time
  • Call Us
  • Commercial
  • Rooftop or Ground
  • Rs. 55~65/Watt
  • Solar Panel, Inverter, Structure, BOS, Design & Installation. Grid connected with no battery backup. (* certain restrictions apply)
  • 10 KW ~ 250 KW Size
  • > 1000 ~ 25000 Sq. Ft. Shadow free Area
  • 1~3 Months Time
  • Let's Meet
  • Utility
  • Ground Mounted
  • Rs. 50~55/Watt
  • Solar Panel, Inverter, Structure, BOS, Design & Installation. Grid connected with no battery backup (* certain restrictions apply)
  • 250 KW ~ 5 MW Size
  • 1 Acre ~ 25 Acre Land
  • 3 ~ 18 Months Time
  • Let's Discuss
Powering the Energy Revolution


Wind energy is the kinetic energy of air in motion. Wind energy, as an alternative to fossil fuels, is a clean and sustainable fuel source, it does not create emissions and it will never run out as it is constantly replenished by energy from the sun. It produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation, and uses little land. In operation, the overall cost per unit of energy produced is similar to the cost for new coal and natural gas installations. Wind energy is used in various applications such as: Water pumping, Offshore platforms, Telecommunications, Commercial / Retail, Sailboats, Grid-tied electrical systems, Remote homes and cabins, Military Installations etc.

How Does a Wind Turbine Works?

When wind passes over the blades, it exerts a turning force. The rotating blades turn a shaft inside the nacelle, which goes into a gearbox. The gearbox increases the rotation speed for the generator, which uses magnetic fields to convert the rotational energy into Electrical Energy. This wind generator will typically generates power at around 700 Volts. The power produces at this voltage will be step up by step-up transformer to typically between 11kV to 132kV according to the SLDC OR NLDC network available. Most wind turbines start generating electricity at wind speeds of around 3-4 meters per second (m/s), (8 miles per hour); generate maximum ‘rated’ power at around 15 m/s (30mph); and shut down to prevent storm damage at 25 m/s or above (50mph).

EnerzyTech® is an Authorized Partner of Urban Green Energy (UGE), USA for India

Urban Green Energy (UGE) logo

Urban Green Energy (UGE) is a world leader in small wind and renewable energy systems, with installations across the globe. UGE designs, manufactures, and markets cutting-edge vertical axis wind turbines and hybrid renewable solutions with a track record of high performance, safety, and reliability.

  • Go green with Urban Green : Urban Green Energy’s Vertical Axis Wind Turbines are technological marvel. The beauty of UGE Wind Turbine is that you can install it on a tower, a roof, or just about anywhere!
  • Save Precious Money : When you use the energy generated from UGE VAT, you will not only lower the amount of your energy bill, but you will have a peace of mind as when the power from grid will fail, you will continue to have access to electricity. That way you will be able to have certain lights, your important gadgets like your cell phone charger, your laptop etc. still running. The UGE Wind Turbines are also compatible with solar PV systems so you can have solar energy during the day and wind energy round the clock. A hybrid controller will allow you to input both wind power and solar power into the same electronics.
  • Dual-Axis Technology : Urban Green Energy has developed and patented a revolutionary new dual axis design that eliminates the main problem facing other vertical axis wind turbines, that of premature bearing failure. Through this technology, UGE wind turbines outperform its competitors as it spreads both horizontal and vertical forces along the length of the axis.
  • Quieter than the chirping of a bird : With peak noise level under 40 db, UGE wind turbines are quieter than the chirping of the birds !!! Thanks to the turbines’ low RPM and industry-leading design, they are virtually silent, even during high wind speeds, and cannot be heard over a typical AC unit. The low RPM and helical design leads to very low-vibration turbines which can be mounted with ease.

UGE Vertical Axis Wind Turbines are ideal for your energy needs. For more information, contact us.

UGE Products:

Product Name and Description Product Highlight Brochure

UGE-HoYi Wind Turbine®
Best to complement with other energy sources
Cut in Wind Speed: 3.5 m/s
Survival Wind Speed: 50 m/s

Height: 1.3 m, Width: 0.8 m
Weight: 41 kg
Swept Area: 0.84 m2
UGE VisionAIR3 Wind Turbine®
Suitable for large commercial installations.
Cut in Wind Speed: < 4.0 m/s
Survival Wind Speed: 50 m/s

Height: 3.2m, Width: 1.8m
Weight: 274kg
Swept Area: 5.76m2

UGE-VisionAIR5 Wind Turbine®
Suitable for small/large commercial installations
Cut in Wind Speed: 3.5 m/s
Survival Wind Speed: 50 m/s
Height: 5.2m, Width: 3.2m
Weight: 756kg
Swept Area: 16.6m2
UGE-9M Wind Turbine®
Suitable for large commercial installations
Cut in Wind Speed: 3.5 m/s
Survival Wind Speed: 50 m/s
Height: 9.6m, Width: 6.4m
Weight: 4000kg
Swept Area: 61.4m2
UGE's Hybrid off-grid Boardwalk street lamp with eddy wind turbine
Wind Energy - 600 W;
Solar Energy - 150 W;
LED - 60 W; Lumen - 5700
UGE-Sanya Sky Pump®
Revolutionary wind powered EV (Electric Vehicle) charging station.
WattStation™ from GE;
Connector - SAE J1772;
Maximum Current - 30 A

Note: For all Wind Turbines, 3 years standard warranty with optional 5 year upgrade.

Group Captive Wind Power : As per Indian Electricity Act 2005, 'Any association of persons / entities having 26 per cent shares in a generating company can consume power more than 51 per cent - and can be treated as a captive power' This means that with an investment of just 26% you company can consume minimum 51% power as a captive power, this will increase your operational efficiency and increase profit margin. Companies can increase their operational efficiency & profit margin if they use wind energy through Group captive mechanism. Group captive Wind power is available at less than INR 5/kWh which is very competitive to grid electricity cost.

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