Solar PV Power Plant

Approximate Price, Size, Shadow Free Area Required and Time to implement a Solar PV Plant.
  • Residential
  • Rooftop Power Plant
  • Rs. 55~65/Watt
  • Solar Panel, Inverter, Structure, BOS, Design & Installation. Grid connected with no battery backup. (*restrictions apply)
  • 2.5 KW ~ 10 KW size
  • > 250~1000 Sq. Ft Roof
  • 2~4 Weeks Time
  • Call Us
  • Commercial
  • Rooftop or Ground
  • Rs. 45~55/Watt
  • Solar Panel, Inverter, Structure, BOS, Design & Installation. Grid connected with no battery backup. (* certain restrictions apply)
  • 10 KW ~ 250 KW Size
  • > 1000 ~ 25000 Sq. Ft. Shadow free Area
  • 1~3 Months Time
  • Let's Meet
  • Utility
  • Ground Mounted
  • Rs. 40~45/Watt
  • Solar Panel, Inverter, Structure, BOS, Design & Installation. Grid connected with no battery backup (* certain restrictions apply)
  • 250 KW ~ 5 MW Size
  • 1 Acre ~ 25 Acre Land
  • 3 ~ 18 Months Time
  • Let's Discuss
Powering the Energy Revolution


1. How does my Solar PV system work?
A Solar photovoltaic (PV) system is a set of panels made of semiconductor material that captures sunlight and converts it into a direct electric current (DC). An inverter converts DC current into an alternating current (AC) that is used in your home or business. Simply put, the panels collect the energy of the sun and convert it to electricity.

2. Will the system work on cloudy or overcast days?
Yes, because photovoltaic energy (PV or solar power) uses the full spectrum of light, the ultraviolet rays are still charging the system, even when the sunlight isn’t visible.

3. Does the system work when the grid is down?
Yes and No. If you choose a system that has a battery backup, it will provide power to those circuits you select as critical loads. Systems without generator or battery backup will not work when grid is down.

4. What happens when Solar System generate more power than we use?
Net Metering is one of the many benefits of renewable energy, which allows your electricity meter to spin forwards when electricity flows into your house and backwards if your system produces more energy than is immediately used. You are billed for the difference between the electricity you generate and the energy you use. To find out more about solar energy and incentives, contact us.

5. How long will my solar PV system last?
We provide a 5-year complete system warranty, including labor and equipment. Solar system components carry 25 year warranties. With proper maintenance your system should last for a 25 years, albeit with a reduced efficiency.

6. What kind of maintenance is required for Solar PV Plant?
Solar panels generally require very little maintenance since there are no moving parts. Once a month, the panels should be inspected for any dirt or debris that may collect on them. For cleaning, wash the face of the panels with a water hose. Avoid spraying cold water onto hot panels . In about 5-10 Years, you will need to change inverter. The Solar panels have life span of 25 years. They will work thereafter, albeit with less efficiency.

7. How do I know that my home or business is a good candidate for Solar?
We will check your electricity bill for the past 12 months to decide if solar make sense for you. You should have enough shadow free area on your roof or land for solar. To decide, you can call us for a free consultation.

8. Why do you need my electricity bills for the past 12 months?
Your Power Company don’t charge the same price for every unit of energy they sell. It depends on the type of your connection, your connection size, energy consumed at certain times of the day or in certain months of the year. In most case, your power company will charge more if you use more than your allocated capacity. Once we know your usage and type , we can maximizes your savings.

9. What is Net-Metering?
It measures the difference between the electricity you buy from the utility and the electricity you generate with your solar panel system. When you are making more electricity than you are using, such as on summer days, your extra electricity automatically gets metered back (sold) to the utility grid. You receive credit for this power at the same rate that the utility sells it to you. Net metering allows you to use the electric utility grid like a bank account. You can put electricity into it that you don’t use immediately and you can withdraw the same amount later (e.g at night).

10. Is solar a safe investment?
The minute you turn on your system, your solar array becomes a revenue-generating asset. Locally produced, directly distributed energy systems like solar helps you garner independence from imported fossil fuels and will protect you from energy rate hikes.

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