Solar PV Power Plant

Approximate Price, Size, Shadow Free Area Required and Time to implement a Solar PV Plant.
  • Residential
  • Rooftop Power Plant
  • Rs. 55~65/Watt
  • Solar Panel, Inverter, Structure, BOS, Design & Installation. Grid connected with no battery backup. (*restrictions apply)
  • 2.5 KW ~ 10 KW size
  • > 250~1000 Sq. Ft Roof
  • 2~4 Weeks Time
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  • Commercial
  • Rooftop or Ground
  • Rs. 45~55/Watt
  • Solar Panel, Inverter, Structure, BOS, Design & Installation. Grid connected with no battery backup. (* certain restrictions apply)
  • 10 KW ~ 250 KW Size
  • > 1000 ~ 25000 Sq. Ft. Shadow free Area
  • 1~3 Months Time
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  • Utility
  • Ground Mounted
  • Rs. 40~45/Watt
  • Solar Panel, Inverter, Structure, BOS, Design & Installation. Grid connected with no battery backup (* certain restrictions apply)
  • 250 KW ~ 5 MW Size
  • 1 Acre ~ 25 Acre Land
  • 3 ~ 18 Months Time
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Powering the Energy Revolution

At Enerzytech, we do Electrical Design, Engineering, supply, Installation & Maintenance of Electrical Infrastructure.

  • Feasibility Study: Site visit and collect required data for new as well as existing projects.
  • Estimating & Tendering: Provide +/-10% or +/-30% estimates for the electrical systems.
  • Complete EPC: Conventional (Thermal or Combined Cycle Power Plants) & Renewable (Solar - Off Grid or On Grid, Hydro Power Plants), Sub Stations, Large Office & Commercial Buildings, Industrial Lighting etc.


  • Project Requirements to finalize load forecast and prepare the Electrical Distribution Scheme
  • Perform Electrical System Analysis to decide appropriate Distribution system
  • Preparation of Key Single Line Diagram and individual board SLDs
  • Substation layout, Main Cable Routing Layout
  • Prepare Control Schemes
  • Estimation of BOQ for Plant, Substation & Building Electricals including power, cabling, lighting, grounding & lightning and auxiliary systems
  • Estimation of BOQ for Switchyards and preparing basic layouts/SLDs


  • Load Analysis & Load Flow Analysis
  • Fault Analysis as per ANSI 141 / IEC 60909 / IEC 61363
  • Motor Starting & Voltage Dip study & Motor Re-acceleration study
  • Transient Stability, Relay Co-ordination studies
  • Substation Grounding calculation as per IEEE-80 and IS 3043
  • Direct Stroke Lightning Protection Calculation: as per IS 2309 & NFPA
  • Lighting Lux Calculation as per IS 3646 and IES
  • Cable and Equipment sizing for Transformer, Capacitor, DG, Battery, etc.
  • ACSR / Aluminum tube Conductor temperature rise calculation, Sag-Tension Calculations as applicable to the switchyards/transmission lines
  • Electrodynamics force calculation for switch-yards/switchboards, CT/PT sizing Calculations


  • Layout drawing for equipment, cable routing / power layout, lighting, grounding & lightning
  • Fire alarm system, Public Address system, CCTV System, Security system and Telephone system layouts.


  • Load Flow Analysis, Fault Analysis, Transient Stability & Harmonic Analysis


  • Fire Safety, Access Control, Elevator Control, HVAC Control
  • Voice, Video & Data Networks
  • Lighting design as per lux level required
  • Row Power & UPS Power distribution
  • Earthing & Lighting design


Pre-bid assistance for mega projects, Detailed project report (DPR), primary engineering, secondary engineering, including preparation of General Arrangement drawings, Master single line diagram, major cable routing, preliminary substation equipment layout, preparation of BOQ for supply and installation, performance calculations, detailed engineering drawings and specific design.

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EnerzyTech® Industries Pvt. Ltd. is an emerging player in India's conventional and non-conventional energy sector and caters to utility, residential, commercial and Government clients. Our emphasis is on renewable energy, solar in particular.

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